Games that I've designed and programmed.
Mushroom Guardian

Platform: Mobile

This game is about a gnome who must protect the magic mushrooms from the evil Frog King and his army. The Frog King represents human greed.

Polywings - (on development)

Platform: Web ,PC & MAC

This is my first 3D game. I wanted to create an airplane flying game without the  seriousness this type of genre entails. Fly over abstract landscapes, fight against giant enemies, and protect your sheep from the UFO abduction!

Farty Rush

Platform: Web, iOS & Android

Sponsor: Selfpublish

Awful name, isn't it? This is a parody about the worst side of our materialistic lifestyle: aselfish, repetitive, consumerist game with tons of trash and junk food. You are a self-centered fat guy who eats, drinks and farts compulsively.

Quantum Patrol


Platform: Web

In this physics platform shooter you are in control of a remote bot ER- 30. You have to dismantle an evil corporation which is building weapon facilities. This game won the Miniclip Award Game prize in 2014.

Cluster Lander


Platform: Web

Since I was a kid I have been passionate about space. When I was 9 years old, I even built a fake lunar module in my garden. This passion surfaces in this lander physics game I have developed with Santiago Puente. It was nominated by as best arcade casual game in 2009.

Monster Truck 2


Platform: Web

Requested by as the sequel of the famous Monster Truck 1, this is a physics racing 2D game, with a lot of trucks, upgrades, shops and modes.I developed this game with Santiago Puente.

Epic Charlie


Platform: Web

Epic Charlie is about a powerful lonely little guy. His master has been murdered and now  he must prove his innocence. I must admit that it needs some work on level design and controls, but it's a nice little game.